Own Business In Canada: Is It Easy To Do?

Experts argue, and practice proves that doing business in Canada is not difficult, and starting from scratch is not hard at all. The state no means interferes but rather creates the most favorable conditions for a smooth start and further development. Moreover, this applies not only to its citizens but also to foreigners. It is much easier to be an entrepreneur in Canada than in the CIS countries.

Interesting: Canada’s highlight is the complete absence of red tape. A business can be opened in a week, in some cases within a few hours.

Doing Business

Running a business in the country is easy and simple — all the necessary information is published on government portals, so even a novice entrepreneur will never have to wonder what and how to do. In addition, in most cases, doing business does not require the personal presence of an entrepreneur in Canada. It is enough to have a lawyer and a tax accountant in Canada, and they will offer the best solutions based on the client’s situation and goals.



The hired accountant acts as the staff accountant of the entrepreneur’s company. He records transactions in the course of business activities, creates reports on business finances. Reasons why is it important to cooperate with a reliable accounting and booking keeping services company:

  • Chronological order of records of transactions. Chaos in transactions causes problems for businesses.
  • Relevance of reports and statements. When it comes time to pay taxes, there will be no rush to prepare the reports since the hired accountant has already prepared everything and will efficiently complete the work on time. Filed on-time taxes is a benefit for any company.
  • Minimization of business expenses. An accountant can help minimize business expenses. Outsourced accounting and booking keeping services cost less than hiring a full-time employee as your accountant. When a company hires an employee, it needs to pay salaries, bonuses, and several entitled benefits. An outsourced accountant gets money for a specific job and result.
  • Assessment of the business health. An accountant’s work and reports help determine if a business is doing well or not. Checking the numbers in the financial statements will reveal the things that went wrong.

In addition, an accountant will help with business financing — the program also works for foreigners. To do this, you must meet the requirements of state loyalty programs — choose one of the special business support programs.