Where To Download WhatsApp For Free

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications today. It is included in the top downloadable apk for Android. The application works through an Internet connection, but nowadays this is no longer a problem for anyone.

Registration process

To register the WhatsApp application, you must enter your phone number directly in the program. After that, the program will analyze your phone contacts and everyone who is in your phone book will automatically become available on WhatsApp.

This is the fastest way to register. However, you will only be able to contact people on WhatsApp if they also have this application. If one of your contacts does not have the WhatsApp application installed, you can send them a special invitation notification. They can download it directly from Apksalad for free.

How to use the application

All you need to open a dialog box is to click on the contact you want to write to. After that, you can choose to write a text message or make a call, or even make a video call.

In addition, directly in the chat you can send photos and videos, record voice messages, and attach various files and documents.

Chatting using WhatsApp has become much more interesting with a wide selection of stickers, GIF images, and many emojis.

You can also customize your chat by adding the most suitable and convenient image for you to replace the standard boring gray background.


Where can I get WhatsApp

Quite simple, this application is absolutely free apk download site. Which you can install for free on the site where many applications for android apk are presented.

The Apksalad site is one of the most convenient and informative apk download sites. The most recent versions of the applications are presented here, as well as many alternatives.

Also on this site, you can search by application category. And see when was the last update of the application, as well as the requirements for your system. Also, the site has information about the ratings of these applications, based on which you can make your choice.


WhatsApp was created to save your money on SMS. But now it has become much more than just text messaging. Communication here becomes much brighter, more interesting, and productive than ever before.

In the application, you have the ability to save all your correspondence data, including photos, video, and audio files to the cloud storage of the Google disk. This will allow you, after reinstalling or changing your phone, to re-download and install the WhatsApp application and restore all your previous data, including your chats.