The Haggin Museum in Stockton

Stockton’s initiative group, the San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society, was about to open a museum. However, there was no money for this. Then Robert McKee, a native of Stockton, approached the members of the society with an offer to give thirty thousand dollars on the condition that the institution would bear the name of his wife’s father, Louis Thera Huggin. On June 14, 1931, the American Flag Day, the museum received its first visitors. After World War II, the organization needed space for offices, storage facilities, and an exhibition hall. In 1948, Stockton architect Howard G. Bissell completed the layout of the new museum. Funds for its creation were offered by the owner of the local edition of Stockton Record – Mr. Irving Martin, Miss Jenny Hunter and Mr. Robert McKee. In 1949 the museum began its work after renovation. The last changes were made in 1936. The money for this was donated by the son of American entrepreneur and inventor Benjamin Holt, William Knox Holt.

Currently, there are works by Jean Béraud, Rose Bonneur, William Bouguereau, George Inness and other famous painters. There you can also see such interesting exhibits as old agricultural machinery, fire extinguishing equipment, and a collection of stones.