Famous natives and residents of Stockton

The city of Stockton has many famous natives and residents:

  • Ray Newby lived here. He was the world’s first radio disc jockey. As a student at the Herold College of Engineering and Wireless Communication, at the age of 16, Newby began to play the records regularly on a small transmitter under the direction of Charles «Doc» Herold the pioneer radio.
  • In 1989, two local musicians, Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannenberg formed the indie rock band Pavement.
  • Nate and Nia Diaz are mixed martial arts fighters from Stockton under the UFC banner. In their career advancement, they use Stockton as the NWA used Compton. On combat clothing, there is a «209» digit. In numerous press conferences and interviews, they chant «Stockton 209 motherfucker». Their team, which includes other MMA fighters, is known as the Stockton Skrap Pack. She took part in the famous battles at Octagon and not only.
  • José M. Hernandez is a NASA astronaut and engineer who considers Stockton his homeland.
  • Stockton became home to an engineer, a popular women’s advocate, Akiko Billings, and a native of Fiji.
  • Reagan Mauia is a former NFL protector who originally played for Tokai High School.
  • Chi Cheng is a bass guitarist, born, raised and educated in Stockton.
  • Chris Isaac is a musician from Stockton.

Chris Isaac

  • Famous blogger Chase Hudson. Born in Stockton, California. Hudson created his own YouTube page. In the first publication, he and his mom were making cookies for Christmas. He posted funny videos under hits on YouNow and then conquered TikTok, where it became popular in the short term.
  • Actor and musician Chris Isaac. In numerous interviews, he has often jolly called himself Elvis Presley’s successor. Today, he collaborates with Warner Brothers Records and is very popular in the film field.
  • Jeremy Meeks is an actor and a model with a criminal record. He comes from Stockton, too. He’s an incredibly handsome guy who went from being a simple prisoner to becoming a star in the fashion industry. His history is proof that appearances matter when it comes to success. The California police believed Meeks was a member of a major criminal organization. For the first time, Jeremy was charged with assaulting a teenager. The trial subsequently became a habit for the actor. While in prison, he began to receive offers of cooperation from modelling agencies. In the following years, he signed with Blaze Models. A little later, Jeremy came under the patronage of Jim Jordan, founder of White Cross Management. After the release of the film called «Trigger» with Jeremy, he began to receive new offers from producers. In 2021, the film «The Dutchman» was released, which was shot on the trilogy of the writer Teri Woods about the terrible crime in which this actor starred.