increasing conversion in e-commerce

Conversion is a key indicator of the success of any online store. Before proceeding with this article, we would like to describe to you that conversion determines the percentage of site visitors who turn into buyers.

According to the report of Adobe Digital Insights news agency, conversion is about 2.9% in e-commerce. To increase this rate and increase the efficiency of your online store, you can use some modern platforms for site management, such as

Site optimization

One of the main reasons for low sales is an inconvenient and complex site. Shops should remember the importance of optimising the website. The point is that it will help them to create a fast and convenient buying process for their customers. will give shopkeepers the tools to create unique and intuitive web pages, as well as to optimise the acquisition and payment of orders.


Another important component of the process of increasing conversion is the ability to instantly understand the user’s request and make relevant recommendations for him or her. Shops should offer personalized product advice and services based on the interests and preferences of customers.

Virtocommerce allows entrepreneurs from the e-commerce field to collect information about each visitor, use it to create personalized recommendations, and increase the likelihood of purchase.


This is another key factor in increasing conversion rates. Online stores should use different tools to market and promote products, such as email marketing, social media, and contextual advertising. Virtocommerce will give sellers leverage to create and launch advertising campaigns, as well as for the analysis of their effectiveness.



To increase sales, businesses in the field of e-commerce should use integration with other web platforms and mobile applications. Virtocommerce will allow users to integrate with some famous services such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. This will help you improve your data collection, marketing management, and order processing.


Of course, analytics is an essential tool for understanding the effectiveness of the store and identifying areas that need improvement. The developers from Virtocommerce provided the opportunity to analyze data on sales, conversions, site visits, and other indicators, which will help online store owners in their work. You will be able to understand what factors you should plan. Among them are:

  • demanded goods and services;
  • the most effective marketing campaigns;
  • web pages that need to be optimized.


This is a very important factor in e-commerce, especially when processing financial transactions. Virtocommerce provided online store managers with several tools to ensure site security and customer data protection. Among them are useful and popular features like DDoS protection, SSL encryption, and many others.

In general, will give you all the necessary options to increase the number of customers who have purchased your services or products. Also, it will help you increase the efficiency of your online store.

This unique platform helps stores optimise their website, provide personal advice, manage advertising campaigns, analyze information, and ensure security. These tools will help you increase conversion and achieve greater success in e-commerce.