Stockton Anonymity — Hideman VPN Review

Hideman VPN is a new name for a popular security application on the Web. It is intended for devices that work with the Android operating system. Users use this application to automatically connect to the VPN service, which helps them unlock the blocking of access to various Internet resources. Installing this utility allows you to access the necessary sites without any restrictions. Many modern people consider the Internet as free and unlimited access to all the resources of your interest. This is not realistic, as Governments and Governments impose restrictions on users. In order to be able to freely use the Network, it is necessary to be able to bypass artificial barriers.

Site inspections are increased regularly every year. This is wыhy many platforms do not have easy access to their functions. It is natural that many Internet users seek ways to circumvent such restrictions. For this purpose, Hideman VPN app was created by its developers. With this program, you can quickly and simply solve any problems and easily visit the sites you are interested in. In addition to free access to all resources, this programme also enhances the level of protection of personal data and prevents their abduction by some intruders. This program blocks the operation of various services that track user activity on the Web.

Features of the VPN connection

Hideman VPN allows users to quickly and simply connect to the server for an hour of use free. Nevertheless, after this period it will be necessary to view the short advertisement and to resume the VPN connection click on the big button that is on the main screen of the application. Note that each user of this program can choose a country to connect to a new IP address in the way that he or she wants to.

Web surfing can be started after the connection indicator to the VPN server is activated. Of course, in the free version, there are certain limitations on the connection speed, but this does not significantly affect the ability of the program. Users of Hideman VPN can reasonably hope for uninterrupted communication with the server and a stable connection during the free period.

apps downloads for android
Apps downloads for android

Description of the program

The main strength of the application is considered to be secure encryption. Therefore, all users are guaranteed reliable protection against tracking algorithms. With this function, you can hide your actions and not be afraid that someone will be able to track them. Using the application, you can visit any website anonymously. Applications free downloads or any other content of interest are also made available without any sanction.

Users of this program have the unlimited possibility to change the IP address on request. This function provides privacy on the Web and allows all of us to visit blocked sites in a particular region. With the help of Hideman VPN users will be able to actively use social networks, which for various reasons are prohibited in the user’s country or download apk free.

Program’s strengths:

  • automatic selection of the server required;
  • free first hour of usage;
  • using of special encryption technology;
  • blocking of contextual advertising;
  • compatibility with different versions of Android;
  • possibility to access any blocked sites.