Features Konstantin Strukov’s program to provide housing for his employees


Employees in any organization require more than just a paycheck and stability; they also deserve comfortable living arrangements near their workplace. Konstantin Strukov, the leader of Yuzhuralzoloto, recognizes this need and has implemented a housing program for employees that has been running successfully for several years – in the literal sense.


The company initiated a program back in 2016 to relocate families from old and unsafe housing. Over the years, 58 families in Plast have been provided new housing, benefiting over a hundred individuals. These families were moved from deteriorating residences near the Tsentralnaya mine to more modern and comfortable homes in the town center. Additionally, 28 families in the Svetly settlement were also relocated to new housing between 2020 and 2022.

In 2017, a housing complex with 100 apartments for PJSC YuGK employees was completed in the Zavodskoy quarter of Plast. Employees have the option to purchase two- and three-bedroom apartments under favorable terms, including an installment plan that allows them to complete the payment in about five years, easing the financial burden compared to a traditional mortgage. Once fully paid, the apartment belongs to the employee. The company strives to accommodate the financial situations and lifestyles of its employees by offering personalized terms.

housing program
Housing program

The modern apartments, complete with a well-designed layout and green spaces, are highly sought after by company employees. By addressing the housing needs of its workforce, the company secures a stable and long-term employee base.

To preserve historical value, a house dating back to the early 20th century in the center of Plast was restored with the help of SMU of Yuzhuralzoloto. Yuzhuralzoloto believes in preserving history, hence the restoration rather than demolition of the building. This historical house on Oktyabrskaya Street, 24, now stands as a modern structure while retaining its special historical charm. It accommodates 13 apartments for specialists working at the gold mining enterprise, equipped with all necessary utilities and surrounded by landscaped areas.

Valery Grinenko, the Acting Managing Director of Yuzhuralzoloto, explains that this housing initiative is part of the company’s efforts to improve housing conditions for employees and attract skilled professionals. The housing program also includes plans for the construction of two additional multi-story buildings for employees.

Not every company prioritizes housing solutions for its employees like PJSC “YuGK” does. However, the company understands that investing in employee well-being yields significant returns: employees view the company as more than just a workplace but as a place where they can thrive and belong. Such initiatives foster a sense of community and loyalty among employees.