Bad business ideas in 2023

Starting your own business is a significant step requiring you to invest time, money, and effort. When choosing a business idea, it is essential to consider many factors, such as market demand, competition, legislation, and technological trends. In 2023, there are several types of businesses that you should wait to start. They can lead to severe problems and financial losses.

Traditional store opening

Today, more and more people prefer to shop online conveniently and without spending time traveling to the store and looking for the correct goods. This leads to a gradual decrease in demand for regular stores. If you decide to open a store, you will have to face high competition and a high cost of rental space.

Starting a tourist business

Travel business can be very profitable, but it is only achievable if you know how to organise it properly. Tourism has become a competitive market with many risks associated with the changing global political environment and epidemiological situation.


Opening a restaurant can be very expensive and risky. It would help if you overcame many difficulties, such as finding qualified staff, purchasing equipment, and complying with strict health regulations. In addition, the restaurant business has high competition and low-margin incomes.


Opening of the crypto exchange

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular recently, but opening a cryptocurrency exchange can lead to big problems due to market instability, high competition, and strict legislation. In addition, the crypto market has a high degree of risk that it can lead to severe financial losses.

Production of disposable and plastic products

In 2023, you should wait to start a business related to producing and selling disposable plastic products. This is because there is growing environmental awareness across the planet, so people have become more responsible regarding the use of plastic.

Many countries prohibit using disposable plastic products such as coffee cups and plastic plates. In this regard, the demand for such products is decreasing, which makes this business less profitable and promising.


Opening a new business is an important and responsible step. When choosing a business idea, it is essential to consider many factors and analyze the market. In 2023, some types of businesses are not worth opening, such as physical stores, tourist businesses, restaurants, and cryptocurrency exchanges.